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Chapter 13

"You can't hurt me!" shouted Plyst.

Just then, the barriers around Tom's powers were dropped, and all hell broke loose.

Tom then had a very calm, relaxed look on his face, but he was still pushing out just as much power as before.

Kyra looked at Rune, "Somethings wrong."

"The barriers around his untapped powers, if he..." said Rune, but he didn't get a chance to finish, as Tom issued a skill of pure magic, of pure destruction, it also had a name that fit it quite well.

"DESTRUCTION!!!" shouted Tom, his voice echoing in all of their minds. A force of fire and energy shot out threw the night sky. Plyst barely had time to mutter, "Uh oh." before he was enveloped in the magical surge of power he screamed an agonizing scream, only the blast didn't stop there, it proceeded to engulf a mountain, causing pieces of rock to fly everywhere. Sarah screamed out in fear. Rune realized that he was just as scared, he had to stop Tom, before his spell expanded, and then who knows what else. The first order of business was to stop this tech.

{Kyra!} Rune said telepathically, {I'll take of the Destruction, you take care of Tom.}


{No buts, just do it}, then Rune cut her off, and went on casting a dispersal spell so the Destruction Skill wouldn't hurt anybody.

Kyra on the other hand, went about wrapping up Tom's mind to try and do two things. To try and clam his emotional rage, and to put his powers under a protective cloak. Kyra was able to do both, for once she put the barrier around Tom's powers, the insanity that comes with uncontrolled power disappeared as well. Tom then collapsed in a heap.

There wasn't much left of Plyst that could be identified. He had been disintegrated, literally. The Destruction Skill literally tore him limb from limb, actually it was more like atom from atom.

Kyra helped Tom as best as she could. "Rever."

"What happened?" asked Tom.

"You don't want to know." said Kyra with a touch of sadness in her voice, "You don't want to know."


Chaz paced the room angrily, "He killed mother, didn't he?"

"Chaz." said Missy, "Please try and calm down."

"Calm down? I just found out who my...father is, and you want me to calm down?" The word 'father' was spoken was absolute hatred.

"Step-father." corrected Missy, "And he wasn't always like that. You just met him after he was corrupted. I remember him, as a kind man. I remember him reading a story to me. I remember him making sure there were no monsters under my bed. But, then he started to change. Mom and I weren't sure why. He wanted another child but there were some complications when I was born, so mom couldn't have another child."

"Rika has similar complications with Alys." said Chaz affectionately.

Missy nodded, there was a very pained expression on her face, considering the painfulness of here memories, but she continued none-the-less. "He kept insisting on having another child, but they both knew that she couldn't. I'm not really sure why he wanted another child, but mother wanted to make father happy. So, she went to the adoption agency, and adopted you. You were about nine years old."

"I remember. Sort of. That was a very long time ago. I remember feeling happy for the very first time. My real parents had died in some kind of accident when I was only two, and I had to grow up. I watched as other little children came and went, but it seemed as if no one wanted me. But, not mom. She saw me, and she didn't want to see anyone else."

Upon saying that Chaz had a smile on his face and a tear in his eye.

Missy smiled, "Yeah, I remember when she brought you home. Things actually seemed to go back to normal. At least on the surface. That aura of tension was always there."

Chaz shook his head, "I saw it. Even when I fought him, I saw it. I knew it. But, I never wanted to admit it. I couldn't believe...I mean, well you know what I mean."

"Yes, I do."


Forsha stood and watched as Tom's friends helped him to his feet.

"Just like the Master said." Forsha shook his head in awe. "I can't believe that I ever doubted him."

Rika was holding Tom up. "I must meditate in the mountains, I must heal."

"You must rest, is what you must do." said Rika, and she started to head back to the mansion, but Kyra and Rune stood in her way, "Listen, I don't care what kind of supernatural crap you two can do, and quite frankly, I don't care. Tom is my friend, and I will not just stand by and watch him suffer."

Sarah walked over and touched Rika on the shoulder. "Rika, there is a place in the mountains with regenerative powers. Tom doesn't really need physical rest what he needs is mental rest. There is a place of meditation, where Espers go to regenerate exhausted strength. It revives and empowers, yet protects. But, in order for it to be completely successful..."

"He must be alone." finished Rika.

Rune and Kyra nodded. Kyra touched Rune on the shoulder and said, "Rune, why don't you teleport Tom up there? The sooner he gets up there the better."

Rune's face turned a bright red at Kyra's touch. Rika raised an eyebrow and smirked. Oh great, thought Rune, now she knows too. Rune simply nodded. And with that Kyra started to head up towards the Esper Mansion. Rika followed her chanted quietly, "Rune's got the hots for Kyra. Rune's got the hots for Kyra."

"How would you like me to shove Legion up your rear, young lady?" thought Rune angrily, he then teleported Tom to the regenerative meditation spot.

Upon seeing this, Forsha contacted the Master telepathically.

{Master, the Lutz has teleported the target to some kind of regeneration spot.}

{Good. Good. Find him and bring him to me.}

{Yes, Master. But, where is this spot?}

{(*sigh*) It's about a half-mile up the mountain directly behind the Mansion.}

{Thank you Master, is there anything else.}

{Well, make sure you cause some kind of disturbance at the mansion. A simple Efess spell should be sufficient. I just want to remind them that they are not alone. Make sure that this is after you have the target.}

{Of course.}


"It's still so hard to...to believe. I mean HIM."

"Chaz. You must calm down, I mean Aunt Kyra wouldn't think..."

"What did you say?"

"I said Kyra wouldn't think..."

"No. No. You said Aunt Kyra."

"Our mother was Kyra's sister. She's our aunt."

Chaz's jaw just hit the floor. "And how long were you going to wait until you were going to tell me?!?!"

"Chaz, please calm down. I didn't want Aunt Kyra to know, because it is just as painful for her as it is for us. A lot more so. More then you could possibly understand."

"Could you tell me why?"

Missy shook her head, "I can't. Please, you must trust me on this. She mustn't know."

Chaz didn't understand, but he trusted his sister. He simple nodded.

"You mustn't tell anyone about father either, then Kyra would know."

Chaz didn't like it when people kept information from him. The more they hid, the worse the problem, as Alys used to say. But, again, Chaz simply nodded. What would he tell anyone anyways.

"Ah, I think that's enough for today. We should both get some rest."

"I heartily agree with you, my brother."

That seemed to be an odd way to put it, but it fit. Chaz started to walk to the room he had been assigned. Various thoughts rampaging through his head. There was only one man that he hated the most. Only one man that he actually hated enough to want to kill him, and have no regrets about it. And here it turned out that his father-in-law, and this hated man were one and the same. Chaz know had to come to terms with being the son of Zio.

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