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Chapter 12

Plyst walked down the hall to where Missy's quarters were at. Tom had been introduced to Missy and things were going as planned, he just had to be patient. It didn't take long for Tom and Missy to be alone, well Sarah was with them, but who cares. Just another domino to knock over.

Plyst knocked on the door.

"Come on in Plyst." said Sarah.

Plyst opened the door and walked in, "How did you know it was me?" Plyst had to play dumb.

Sarah smiled, "I felt you coming. So, Plyst what's on your mind."

"Well, I was wondering if you could help me with something." then Plyst closed the door and used a mysterious technique that would prevent any kind of escape, not mention the fact that it would keep everyone else out. The Master had taught him many things, one of these things was how to disguise your techs, this was one of them. And no one seemed to notice that the spell was there.


Rune sat in the Holy Room with the Telepathy Ball. He meditated and concentrated. He went looking through the memories with his mind. He had to find something. Whomever the intruder was, he must have left some clue behind. He wasn't much for this investigating kind of stuff, that was more of Tom's area of skill. But, he wasn't ready for the Telepathy Ball, he had an extraordinary amount of untapped power. He had to learn to control that before anything else. But, back to the task at hand. He found the Zio Cult Symbol. It sickened him to have this as almost a flagstone, back like all bad memories, it just wouldn't go away. But, that could also be a good thing. A reminder of what is evil, and what an evil person can do is the perfect element to help one down the right path.

Rune had no idea idea what he looking for. He had been searching for hours. At first, he was looking for anything that was out of place, but since they were all memories, that meant that they all did fit. Wait....There is something missing here. It involves what happened back in SC 352. It's actually missing. Well, that can't be right. But, it CAN be moved. Which should leave a trail. It worked. And the trail lead to one word. Nei.


"So, what was it like?"

"What do you mean?" asked Tom

"That light spell that I keep hearing about."

Tom sighed, "Ya know, I'm not really sure. It seemed to come more from the Elsydeon, as opposed to it coming from me."

"That's what you were told." said Plyst

"I beg your pardon."

"True power comes from within, you little fool. The Elsydeon merely allowed you to control it. Much the same as my master as shown me how to truly control my power."

Missy has backed herself into a corner, and is paralyzed with fear. She would be screaming if she wasn't scared to death.

"But, Chaz said that the assassin was a Palman."

"You mean this?" asked Plyst and he waved his paw, then Plyst's Musk Cat figure had changed into a tall, heavy built Palman, then back again.

"You little bastard." cursed Tom


Rune then searched the Zio Cult, and found a memory of something, no of someone. It was a very specific memory. It wasn't of the Zio Cult, it was of Zio himself. He had corrupted the Telepathy Ball. But, how? He dug a little deeper, and then he found his answer.

"Oh no."

Rune quickly ran up the stairs, he then put a magical field back up around the door to the room with the Telepathy Ball. He closed his eyes and sent an emergency mental transmission to Kyra, and then used Ryuka and he was gone in an instant.


Kyra was scolding the Esper guard that had assaulted the Musk Cats when they had first gotten there.

"You don't even understand." he said

"Oh, I understand perfectly. You think that just because your an Esper, you can push anybody around. That is why many Non-Espers feared and persecuted us in the past. Because of attitudes like that! You don't...." her face then got a very drained look.

"Madam TemLe? Are you alright?"

She then turned back towards him and gave him a cold look, "I have business to attend to, so don't even think that we are close to being done with this." Then, she cast Ryuka, and began to teleport, but just before she completely teleported away she said, "And flattery speech like 'Madam TemLe'", which she said in a mocking tone, "will only make things worse for you."

The shocked expression on his face would give Kyra a something to smile about.


Plyst was building up a lot of electrical energy about him, while laughing like a madman. He turns to Tom and Sarah. "You are going to watch Chaz's sister perish, but first you will watch as I destroy your heart."

Plyst then turns to face Sarah, she and Tom both put up a force field anticipating a very powerful attack, but a blue field suddenly emerges behind the door. And the door, not to mention Plyst's field disintegrates. Rune and Kyra were standing there defiantly.

"Go away!" said Plyst and then he turns and showers the walls and floors with electrical energy, causing them to be torn to shreds. Rune and Kyra have to physically dive out of the way of the oncoming blast. He then turns around to see Tom, Sarah, and Missy disappearing in a Ryuka Tech.

"Oh, no you don't!" Plyst then uses a Ryuka Tech to go after them, but then Tom reverses the Tech and sends Sarah and Missy back to the room, or what's left of it. And hopes that he falls for the bait.

Plyst teleports to the bottom of the hill where the Esper Mansion is located. He scans the terrain only to find that it is just Tom and himself.

"Not bad, but not good enough. Omega Efess!"

Tom is suddenly belted with an enormous amount of electrical energy. It actually caused his clothes to burst into flames, but he quickly hit the snow, and used a small wind spell to with the snow to quickly put out the flames.

Tom who was scarred a little from the electrical onslaught, stood up and faced the crazed Musk Cat. "Alright. Now, it's my turn." he said with a smile.


Kal, having heard the battle from Missy's room, so had the entire Mansion for that matter, quickly put two and two together and realized that the assassin was making another attempt at Missy. Some of the other Espers had also heard the explosions and electrical discharges and they were heading towards the source of the disturbance, but Kal but driven by more then just sheer curiosity. He was bowling over Espers left and right, and ignoring their comments. He eventually came to an intersection of two hallways, and almost ran headlong into Chaz and Rika. The three exchanged glances, and then took off for Missy's room.

When they arrived there Rika's heart jumped up into her throat and Chaz's face went pale as they saw Rune and Kyra dove out of the way of some massive electrical blasts. They ran to the door of the room and everyone was gone, but then suddenly he could see both Sarah and Missy's forms reappearing.

"Thank you Tom." said Chaz softly. He then runs over to Missy, "Are you alright?"

She was still shaking with fear, but then she suddenly stopped and turned to face Chaz, "They were after me, because they knew."

"Missy, you've just..."

"No, Chaz. I've avoided meeting with you for a very specific reason, and it has to do with our father."


Kal then got up and faced the others, "What about that other Esper?"

"Will Tom be able to bet whomever this is?"

"I honestly don't know." said Kyra

"Wait." said Rune, ".....There! I got him, let's go. Chaz, I think that you and your sister should stay here." And with the Rune used a Ryuka and teleported everyone to where Tom was battling Plyst.

Normally, Chaz would have taken Rune's head off for making such an assumption, but under the circumstances he agreed completely. "Now, Missy. Tell me about father."


The battle between Tom and Plyst was fierce. Neither one moved. It was a battle of magic, to see who was the stronger Esper. Electrical energy flowed threw the air, like groans at Raja's Comedy Night. The others had teleported about twenty yards away from the fearsome battle. Kal pulled out his Plasma Rifle and aimed at Plyst.

Plyst then suddenly put up a wall of ice then enveloped Tom. He quickly broke out of his cage, but it was the only distraction that Plyst needed, as he fired a series of Nafois, NaWats, Efesses, and Tandales at the unsuspecting watchers.

Tom burst out of the walls of Ice that had imprisoned him, only to see all of his friends, including the woman that he loved being assaulted by Plyst.

"NOOOO!!!!" Tom shouted with anger, it was that burst of anger that destroyed the weakened barriers. Tom then let loose, the full fury of hell.


The Master opened his eyes at he felt the power of Tom Steiner coming to the surface.

"What is it?" asked Neifirst.

"Plyst, just did his job." he then sent a telepathic message to his subordinate Forsha, {Tom, has broken the barriers. Ready my Dark Espers. I only want the Steiner Esper, and the Ashley woman. Is that clear?}

{Crystal, my master}

{Good. Now they are all outside, and have been weakened by the Shadow. So, just go in, get them and leave.}

{My I be so bold as to ask a question?}

{I suppose.}

{Which Ashley woman? The wife, or the sister.}

{The wife, the sister means nothing.}

{Of course, Master. We will wait for your signal.}

The Master nodded.

"Is all well?"

"Yes, my plan is working to the letter. Forsha is a bit impatient however. He is still overly concerned with the girl."

"Shouldn't he be?"

"I suppose, but don't worry. I do have a plan. And when it has completed, she will come to join my Dark Espers of her own free will."

Neifirst, then stands up and looks at the golden statue of Zio that was in their bedroom. "You have told me about this Zio person, but I..."

"...find it hard to believe that he was that evil?" finished the Master, "Oh he was. He was the best at doing the worst."

Neifirst nodded, "How much power does she have?"

"Not much." said the Master, "Chaz Ashley seems to have inherited some of their father's powers, but at a mere fraction of his father's capabilities."

Neifirst nodded, "So, just when can we expect the daughter of Zio?"

"Soon, my dear. Very, very soon."

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