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Chapter 11

The Master walked into his throne room. Actually, stumbled would be a more accurate term. Forsha walked up to the Master and offered him a drink.

"Rough night?" he asked, unable to keep a smile from emerging.

The Master shook his head, "You could say that. Sometimes I think she gets just a little carried away. But, that's what I love about her."

Forsha chuckled, "Yeah, I'd imagine."

"So, what's our status?"

"How did she survive?" asked Forsha in an attempt to change the subject.

The Master looked at his subordinate with malice, "That is not your concern. Now, what is our status!"

Forsha took a step back, "Ah, not good."

"Not one item?!"

"Ah, no. And there is a possibility that Wren and Demi know about the asteroid search."


"The Landale has been brought out, almost on top of the asteroid, and Wren is using it to do a sensor check on the opposite side of the Sun."

"To get around direct line-of-sight. That would make a good cover. And that sounds like the perfectionist, that goes by the name of Wren. What about Kuran?"

"Demi is still working on restoring power to it. She doesn't seem to want the Landale in its current location."


"It appears that Derren has been reconstructed, and is piloting the Landale."

"Well, well, well. If that doesn't just make things interesting. Have you made any progress on the items of Nei?"

"The researchers has been looking over the wreckage for quite some time. They've found many interesting items, but no Nei Slasher. The Slasher was supposedly lost in space, it could..."

"Listen Forsha, know that if you were a lesser, you would be missing an arm or two by now, and thrown in the dungeon to bleed to death for your lack of discipline" each word was spoken with hatred. It was more then evident that the Master was not pleased. And Forsha knew that what the Master said was true. "However, since Neifirst has exhausted me, I'll forgo the punishment this time."

Forsha breathed a sigh of relief, which was short-lived as the Master got up and was blazing with magical energy, "But, if you ever, and I mean EVER question my orders again." The Master didn't have to finish that sentence.

"I suppose there is no harm in letting you know some of my plan. Alright, I've done a little tampering with Steiner's barriers. You see, the TemLe put up several barriers to prevent this Steiner from going too far with his powers, and losing control. I've weakened those barriers. When the Shadow tries to kill the girl, Steiner will be overwhelmed. He will try and use all of his powers to stop him, only when that happens, his full power will be used on the Shadow, and he will kill him for us. Then, like all Espers who have been overcome by their powers. He will go out and meditate. He will be weak from the excessive use of his powers, and he will be alone."

"The perfect target." said Forsha with awe, "So, the girl wasn't your real target after all."

"Of course not. Why would I waste time on such a stupid little lesser?"

"I...I...I shall never second-guess you again." said Forsha as he bowed and backed away from the Master.

"See that you don't. And have the scientists see if they can rig the SkyHopper to enter the Crevice. The Nei Armor is down there, and it's going to be difficult to get past those winding winds."

Noone really knew much about the Crevice. Just that it's been there for a long time. But, suddenly around 1000 years ago. Sever winds started to form in the Crevice. Other pathways were built around the Crevice because these winds ended up reaching nearly 2000 Miles per hour. These winds would tear apart anything that would enter the Crevice. And it quickly became a hazard area.


Tom and Sarah were returning from their date.

"Meseta for your thoughts Tom." said Sarah as she took his hand.

"Huh?...Oh, sorry. I was thinking."

"What about?"

"The past. The future."

Sarah snickered a little bit at that. Tom released her hand and started walking a little bit faster. "Tom! Wait up! I'm sorry. Your answer...it just sounded like you were joking or something."

Tom smiled down at Sarah and kissed her on the cheek. "I'm sorry. I guess that answer did sound a little strange. The truth is I'm scared."

Sarah stopped dead in her tracks, "About us?"

Tom shook his head, "Oh, no. No, of course not! That's probably the only the only thing that I'm certain of. It's where I'm at."

"The Mansion?"

"No. Ah, metaphorically speaking. You see, I've had many ups and downs in my life. Mainly downs. Now my life has been doing nothing but go up."

"A lot has happened to you over the past few years."

"Indeed it has. You see when I was in an orphanage, I was feeling really depressed. Not really knowing if I had a family or not, considering I didn't know what had happened to them at the time. Nothing was going right for me. But, an old man in a dream had told me, "When your at the bottom, the only way to go is up."

"SO, your afraid that now that you've been going straight up, you're going to fall."

Tom nodded, "And take those that I care about with me."

Sarah embraced Tom. "Tom, I love you. I always will. And if something so much as tries to pull you down, then I'll be there to help you back up. Not just me, but TemLe Kyra, Fifth Lutz Rune, and everyone else at the mansion for that matter. You have a lot of friends, and those friends provide a safety net. If one of us starts to fall, then that net will catch them."

Tom smiled. He felt better. A LOT better. Sarah always had a way of lifting his spirits. "Come on. We had better be getting back. It will be dark soon."

And with that Tom and Sarah started back for the Mansion.


It didn't take them long to reach the Esper Mansion. A shadowy figure watched them arrive.

"It's about bloody time!" he said to himself, "I don't know why the Master wanted me to kill the girl while he was guarding her, but I always have to follow what the Master orders, or else...." he shuddered at that thought.

"Hey, Plyst! Cold enough for you?"

The Musk Cat, Plyst, turned around, "What?"

"It looked like you were shivering just now."

"It is Dezolis."

Kazt sighed, "I'm bored. I need to get into some kind of trouble."

"What else is new?" said Plyst

"You coming with me or not?"

"I have work to do."

"Of all the Musk Cats, that I have to share magical powers with. Oh, well. See you in detention."

"Not bloody likely."

"Not bloody likely." said Kazt mimicking Plyst. "Where'd you learn to talk like that anyway?" and he walked down the corridor leaving a perturbed Plyst in his wake.

Plyst started to go after Kazt, but he stopped. "No. I have work to do." Then, Plyst headed down the corridor, towards Missy's room.

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