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Chapter 10

A Shadowy figure left the Esper Mansion. The figure was unseen by anyone. The Shadow was the nickname of the shadowy figure. The Shadow, once he was far enough away from the mansion to be detected by any of the Espers. He sent a Psychic Transmittion to the Ice Castle.

{Forsha, I need to speak with the Master}

{What could possibly be so important.}

{The Lutz, and ALL of the Espers know that they have a spy in their Mansion.}

{Do they suspect you?}

{Of course not! You don't get this far without being sloppy.}

{Like with the girl.}

{Chaz is with her.}


The Shadow winced under Forsha's mental assault. {Careful. Do you want to attract attention to our conversation.}

{You have failed on more then one occasion. First, you leave the Zio Cult Symbol in the Telepathy Ball. Then, you fail to assassinate the girl. Not to mention that you don't even know where she is.}

{Ah, but I do. I used a Ryuka once Chaz had knocked me out of the window, but I didn't Ryuka too far away. Chaz said that he would bring her to the Esper Mansion to watch out for any renegade Esper Assassin. He feels that the Espers would be able to detect an evil Esper.}

The Shadow could almost feel Forsha's amusement at that, {Really? Then, you have done well after all. Is he going to place her under any kind of special protection.}

{Tom Steiner}

Again, the Shadow felt Forsha's amusement, {That untrained Esper? The fool. It's a wonder how these idiots managed to defeat the Profound Darkness, considering their stupidity.}

{Doesn't the Master want to add this Steiner to his minions.}

{Not yet. Now, get back inside the Mansion before anyone notices. And stay out of eyesight of this hunter. I don't want to take the chance of him recognizing you.}

{Alright. I'm going.}

Forsha shook his head. He didn't like this Shadow. He was too uncontrollable for his tastes. But, the other one was all he needed. But, if anything DID go wrong with this Shadow person, then his other little friend could do the job of clean-up. Forsha smiled at that. He hoped that the little wench, Kyra would be able to see him blown into thousands of itty-bity pieces.

"Soon, my dear EX. Very, very soon."


Rune and Chaz approached Kyra's office at around the same time that Kal and Kyra were walking out. Kal was quite an attractive Dezorian, and only Chaz noticed that Rune was a little flustered to see Kyra with Kal. He smiled, amused at the fact that only he was aware of it.

"Chaz!" exclaimed Kyra, she went over to Chaz and embraced him. Chaz was amused to see Rune's face a slightly reddish tint to it.

"It's really good to see you again, Kyra. So, who is your young friend. A new boyfriend perhaps?" Chaz said this while looking at Rune. In response, Rune's jaw fell open.

[Oh, great. Now Chaz knows. Oh, By the Light, I'm never going to hear the end of it now.]

Kal said, "Boyfriend? Not quite. I am from DHG. I came to discuss matters about some magical thieves."

"Magical thieves?" asked Chaz

"I heard that there were a series of robberies." said Rune, "But, are you suggesting that Espers are involved."

"He's not suggesting" said Kyra, "He's telling. Espers aren't involved, they are the ones committing the robberies."

"If there's anything that I can do to help." said Chaz

Kal held up his massive hand, "I work alone."

"As you wish, Mr...."


Chaz offered his hand, "Chaz Ashley."

"Fastest Rayblade of the Dessert, eh?"

Chaz shuddered at the "title" he had earned, which only seemed to serve everyone else's amusement. Such was the case here.

"Listen, Kal. If you could just call me Chaz, I'd really appreciate it."

Kal took Chaz's hand and shook it. "Chaz, then. Well, if you'll excuse me I must continue working on this case. If you hear anything..."

"I'll let you know." finished Kyra, "And if you hear anything..."

"Then, I'll let you know." finished Kal, and with that he left.

Kyra turned to face Chaz with a beaming smile, "So, what brings you here?"

"This isn't exactly a social call." said Chaz bluntly.

Kyra's demeanor changed from a friendly, kind disposition to a strong, authoritative leader. Something she was able to do after received the title of TemLe.

"So, what is going on Chaz?"

"Well, let's see." said Rune, interrupting Chaz, "Chaz just found out that he has a long-lost half-sister, whom he knows nothing about, someone tried to kill her last night, whom he thinks is an Esper because he used Ryuka to get away. So, he's come looking for Espers to help protect, and even though Tom is still in the stages of learning to control his power, he is the only one, besides ourselves that he trusts 100%. Does that about cover it Chaz?"

Chaz merely nodded.

Kyra took a few moments to absorb this information. She shook her head. "First, some renegade Espers are knocking off Armor shops and Weapons shops like nobodies business, as if they were preparing for war, and now an Esper assassin is gunning for Chaz's half-sister. Not to mention the fact that we..."

{Kyra, I don't think that's a good idea.} said Rune to Kyra telepathically.

{What? Why not?}

{Because, if Chaz finds out that there is one of these Renegade Espers, as we've been calling them in this Mansion, then Chaz might not want to keep his sister here. And if there is an Esper Assassin out there, then in here would be her best chance for survival.}

{Shouldn't that be for Chaz to decide?}

{I suppose it would. I'm not really sure, it's your call.}

{You could pull rank on me.}

{Kyra, you should know....(Mental Sigh)...I've never been a good leader. Not nearly as good as you are. I'm just the Lutz.}

{Just a Lutz? Hardly. You helped destroy the Profound Darkness, not to mention that Zio character.}

{So, are you going to tell him or not?}

{I think we should.}


The whole exchange had taken a moment, Chaz waved his hand in front of Kyra. "Hey! Kyra, are you alright?"

"Huh? OH, sorry. Another Esper was contacting me telepathically."

"Oh. So, what were you saying?"

"Well, the truth is, we may have a spy in the Mansion." said Kyra quietly.

"What do you mean by spy?"

"Just that. There appears to be an underground movement of Dark Espers. We think that they've planted a spy in the mansion, and whoever he is. He is good at covering his tracks."

"I see one flaw in your logic. Your saying he, could it be she or they?"

"There is always that possibility."

"Which only makes me want to trust Tom even more."

"I know, Chaz. But, are you even sure that it was an Esper at all."

"I know. Look, just because he used Ryuka isn't enough, I know. But, you know the dangers of a non-Esper using teleportation techs."

Kyra sighed, "Yes, I know. An Esper can see their destination, so as not to cause any complications, but someone like you could accidentally teleport into a tree, a rock, or even into someone else."

"So Chaz, what's your plan?"

"Let's go met up with Rika and Missy. When Tom returns from his date, we'll get everything ready."


Zelan's computers recorded the transmittion beam with pin-point accuracy. Wren had been working on the calculations for nearly an hour, while Demi was over at Kuran trying to some power restored to its systems. They got the information that they needed, so they didn't Derren to be too close to whatever they were doing at that asteroid. They already lost him once, they didn't want to lose him again.

Wren located an area of Dezolis that seemed to be the location of the sent signal. But, when he magnified the location, there was nothing there. Which said one of three things. Either the destination of the transmittion beam was erroneous, or the location was underground, or they were using some kind of cloaking devise. Then, he did another sensor sweep of Algo, and he found something quite interesting. There was another cloacked ship, this one was of unknown configuration, and it was heading for Dezolis.

"Zelan to Landale. Come in Landale."

"This is Landale. What's on your mind?"

"I want to run some more tests with the sensor sweeps, so I'm going to be running a serious of quick bursts at different frequencies."

"How long are you going to be running these tests?"

"Until I have the information that I'm looking for."

"Roger. Ready when you are."


A couple of moments later the "test" was underway, and Wren tracked a ship that descended into Dezolis, and then suddenly disappeared. Wren kept adjusting the frequency, so as not to arouse suspicion.

"It would appear that the ship descended into a cloacked hanger. The Hanger doesn't register with the sweeps. I could spend another 1000 years, just trying to find the frequency. So, I won't bother with that. There has got to be a way to find out how big and how deep they're installation is.

Wren watched as the snow fell, then he actually started tracking the snow as it fell. Then, he saw the snow fall and disappear. After nearly twenty minutes, he got the complete outline of the hidden base. Actually, a castle would be a better description. He couldn't trust the authorities with this information. He would keep working on the systems, like he had been doing, but as soon as Kuran had power, and when Derren and Demi were back on Zelan, he would head down to Motavia and find Chaz, and the rest of the humans that he had befriended. Then maybe they could do something about this.


The SkyHopper landed in the shuttlebay of the Ice Castle, which was received with a large compliment of soldiers.

"What's all of this?" asked Neifirst, she hadn't stopped asking since she had come out of the cryochamber. She HAD been asleep for the past 1000 years. This prevented the Master from asking how she had survived the destruction of Climatrol, but that was a question for another time.

"This is my army. Our army."

"To kill those protectors?" asked Neifirst with great malice.

"Easy, my love. It's true we'll kill those that resist, but when their champions are crushed, they will fall to us. Those whom are below us, will be used as slaves, those that could give us trouble, will die."

"The Master will be the absolute monarch." said Forsha

The Master turned towards Forsha, "May I present the long, lost Neifirst. Neifirst, this is Forsha, a very powerful and very loyal Esper."

"Esper." Neifirst spat out the word like it was sewage.

"Anyone who has the ability to use telemental abilities is an Esper, Neifirst. That Lutz has just tried to make it out to the rest of Algo that all Espers are good, and those few that aren't are just renegade wizards. I'm not the one who is using mind manipulation. They are. And believe me, they will pay. Speaking of which, I would like a report."

"Yes, Master. We may have to eliminate Shadow. He's getting too greedy."

"I thought that he would. But, I have seen his death, and it will be done be one Thomas Steiner."

Forsha nodded, "Chaz Ashley has taken his sister to Esper Mansion. They know that there is a spy among them, but they suspect it to be only be one man. So, Chaz has placed his sister's safety with the Steiner Esper."

The Master smiled, "That works out perfectly."

Neifirst cleared her throat.

The Master turned, "Oh. We'll have to finish this later, Forsha. Neifirst and I have some....catching up to do."

"Yes Master." said Forsha as he bowed, unable to hide a smile.

As Neifirst walked by she did a swift kick with her foot causing Forsha to go flying onto his back.

"Next time," she whispered into Forsha's ear, "You'll learn to stand up straight like a good little soldier." Then Neifirst got up and as she was leaving, "Sheesh! What kind of training to you give these people."

The Master followed her laughing, "I love it when she gets like this."

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