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The Watchers
by John Gomes

The Goddess of the Light watched in benign appreciation at her creation. On a thousand year revolution around the sun, the Goddess had finally created Rykros, the planet destined to guide the final protector in his battle against the darkness. She slowly flew over its emerald and crystalline plains, watched the glitter. At the same time, she grieved for its sterility. Nothing mortal could ever live here unless they could figure a way to change the nature of the planet itself. Thus, she moped about the empty planet thinking about what to do. Her smith floated at her side, watching impassively, not wishing to interrupt his mistresses' reflection.

She landed in a valley of crystal, looking at the refracted light. It usually calmed her down, but now, the absence of life sickened her. With her impassive smith, who only spoke under her directive, she saw his magnificent frame, his inborn physical power. She had not created him; he was created at the cataclysmic event that split the singular god. After many millennia of speaking to him, studying him, she realized that he was something amazing:

He was the living incarnation of fate.

In him, unbeknownst to him, was the collected knowledge of the way the universe was supposed to unfold. He was the physical receptacle of the knowledge of the first, singular god. He did not know this himself. She had found him in the utter darkness after the split, floating in the dark nether of space. He was neither alive, nor dead, simply...there.

Slowly, using her power, she coaxed him out of his shell. She saw that he was a part of the god, like she and the Profound Darkness are. She was certain that she was the good side, and the Darkness was the bad side of the singular god. This one was his knowledge. She wondered if there were others in this universe like him, other entities that were created during the split.

She was startled out of her thoughts by the sound of a great cracking. A huge, crystalline piece of the valley was crashing down towards them. Such a thing would not hurt her, thus she paid it no attention. The smith, who towered over her, gasped in surprise, and caught the crystal. His muscles strained under the weight, but his face revealed an iron will. With a heave, he tossed away the huge chunk of crystal.

She looked lovingly at him, appreciating the sentiment. She was once again startled out of her wits, however, when she felt a blazing heat behind her. A floating flame appeared out of nowhere, wearing three circular pieces of metal that gave its flame a strangely humanoid form. It wore gauntlets of metal, and it seemed to peer at the goddess and her smith.

" 'Twas a great act of courage and strength, yon smith. Thou hath shown thy courage. I am De' Vars, the flames of strength. Your action echoed throughout the universe, for it is rare that one saves a god. Thine strength is remarkable, and your courage unwavering. Thou hast mine respect. "

With that, the fire being De' Vars used its magical flames to create for itself a tower of red crystal. In pushed into the air, with jagged crystalline pieces and an aura reverberated around it.

" Goddess, You shall find another tower like mine, called the Courage Tower. Mine brother Sa'Lews has created his own home. To the south, you will find the Anger Tower, a reflection of anger, and mine brother, Re' Faze, the flames of fury. We shall guard this planet from invasion, for its true purpose, to train and aid the protectors."

With these three beings of fire, the Goddess had no doubt that the god had split into more than one being. She was good, the Darkness was evil, the smith was knowledge and fate, and the flame beings were strength, courage and anger. The counter to all three was calm, and thus to balance out the flow of power crisscrossing the lands, she created the Silence Temple. With a gesture, she erected the crystalline structure out of thin air.

She ventured inside the place, and basked in the calm, the absolute silence. The reflections of the crystal revealed the light spectrum, and in the center of the structure was a simple empty room. The smith walked to the middle of the room, and turned with a smile towards the goddess.

" Mistress, it is time that I take my leave of you now. "

" What do you mean, my smith ? "

" No longer am I your smith, Mistress. Now, my duty is to stay here and to impart the knowledge of the ages to the myriad of protectors that will venture here in the future. Goodbye. No longer am I the weapon smith, for now, I am the flame of knowledge, Le Roof de Rykros. "

With a bright flash of light The smith disappeared from the goddess sight, and in his place was a star like symbol on the floor. She could feel his presence, and thus she touched the symbol, shedding a tear on the sign, mourning this loss of a companion. The star glowed, and absorbed the tear.

As the goddess left the temple, wind blew out of the temple, like the great expulsion of air. On this wind was a multitude of whispers, came few words she could understand, except for one phrase :

" Mistress, I love you.... "

With a flash of light, and a golden tear, the Great Light went about her business in the farthest corners of the universe.

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