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Strength Of Conviction
by John Gomes

Finally it was done. The goddess of light breathed an inaudible sigh of relief in the vacuum of space. Done, after many millennia of toil. The last integral part of the universe, the Algo star system, was finally complete. A single binary star, with 4 planets orbiting it's life sustaining light, the tropical planet of Parma, the desert planet of Motavia the frigid planet of Dezoris , and the sterile crystalline planet of Rykros. All these planets and sun were created not only to sustain the races of beings that lived on the planet's surfaces, but also to form the most powerful magical seal ever created.

The prison of the Profound Darkness.

This small binary solar system would be the site of the final battle between good and evil. It took millennia to fashion the seal, and more millennia to seal the darkness in. The goddess was tired. But she had done her work. She had set into motion the path that would extend from her toil. This path is the final elimination of the darkness from the light of the universe, and the creation of a utopian universe. She had battled the darkness for many long years, and the clash of their two opposing energies nearly destroyed the universe she had so strived to create. This was the only way. At the same time, she felt sorry for the peoples of this solar system. Much pain and hardship awaited them. But she knew that they would succeed.

But she was so tired. She floated in the skies of Dezoris. She had only one thing left to do. She had created Elsydeon with the incarnation of Fate, she had created the seal, trapped the Darkness. She felt herself growing ever weary. But one final duty was left. The dezorian people would hold two of the required keys to the future, while the parmans would hold one. When these three keys were used in unison over the years, they would set up the events that would lead to the final, permanent sealing of the profound darkness. However, she also knew that she could never completely seal away the power of Evil. She knew that like everything, there must be balance.

Thus the goddess had given free will to the myriad of peoples and civilizations in her universe. They would, in the end, decide the final destination of their own evolutionary path. Intuitively, she knew that eventually, they would choose the right one. However, she had her final duty left to perform.

Taking a ray of light from the Algo star, and a piece of crystal from the planet of Rykros, and her own unfathomable power as a goddess, she created a beacon of light. This she called the Aero Prism. This beam of immortal light would guide the final protector of the universe to Rykros, were he would learn and embark on his final destiny, the permanent sealing of the Profound Darkness. This she bestowed upon the espers, who alone she gave the final knowledge of this final destiny. They would be her hand in the solar system of Rykros, and thus she blessed them with the power of magic. She then fashioned her resting place. In this clear coccon of magic, she would sleep, but her eternal magic would live on as the holiest of flames, the Eclipse Torch. She would give, the dezorians, in effect, herself. They would also be the final heralds of her will to the protectors, who would combat the darkness and its minions. She also blessed the motavians with indomitable spirit and strength, for they also would be instrumental in the defeat of the darkness. She knew that the parmanians would produce the final protector, so she thus gave them a magical power that would circulate among their kind, creating champions, great kings, and warriors, to make sure that the final protector would have all that he needs to finally stop the darkness.

Now, her duty was done. She retreated into her cocoon, thus creating the Eclipse Torch and entered her long slumber, for she knew that one day she would arise again to guide the people of her universe, the people that she loved like her own family. Finally, she could rest, and regain her power.

The Eclipse Torch crashed down onto the surface of Dezoris. A startled dezorian picked up the small glass, with it's eternal blue flame. In his soul, he knew that this was no ordinary flame, that it was a gift from the highest power. He raced to his tribe, spoke with his chief, and thus began the building of the Corona Tower, and the creation of the dezorian religion.

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