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by John Gomes

The cavern was obviously not natural. The caves were too smooth, to perfectly round. They were made by intelligent hands. Two figures walked the caves, one holding an ethereal light in his hand, a staff of titanium clicking on the stone floor along with his steps. He wore a simple grey mantle, his midnight black hair tied back into a pony tail. Zio could feel the huge, bearded presence of the incarnation of fate, Le Roof De Rykros, walking beside him in the unnatural cavern. Despite the presence of Le Roof, Zio could feel another presence deep in the caves. It was powerful beyond reckoning, much more powerful than even Le Roof. However, with the added strength of the Psycho Wand, a literal shard of power of the old God, Zio surpassed Le Roof in magical power. But the power he sensed deep within these caves defied description. Zio had doubts that, should it be hostile, he could subdue it, even with the tremendous aid of the Psycho Wand. Gritting his teeth, he pressed on deeper into the caves.

" What is this power, Le Roof ? " Zio asked the god of Fate.

" It has a familiar sense to it. It is a very old power, almost as old as the singular god. My own memories of those times are shrouded, however. I can't quite find an answer... " Le Roof replied to Zio, his voice belaying a hint of nervousness.

" Something the original God created, perhaps ? But why would it be here ? " Zio asked.

" Before the Great Light used the power of creation to create the universe as we know it, the singular God was a multi-dimensional being. There were many plains of existence that it managed. Truly, there was a universe here that he had created before the splitting of his personalities, and therefore himself, had completely destroyed it. However, with him went the ability to traverse to these other dimensions. There are many planes of existence outside of our own. During his time of strife, much like there is a Profound Darkness, the singular God had an adversary, opposition. They were opposed in every which way. This adversary disappeared when the God split into we incarnations, and with the split and the adversary's disappearance, so did any information of what that old time was like. We came into being in an empty universe."

" So this could be something the original God created, possibly as a weapon to fight this adversary ? "

" Maybe. The Great Light is very powerful, but she would not give something this much innate magical power. That is why she spread magic across the universe. This way, no one thing could gain enough power to destroy it. This being, should it gain a magical aid, such as the Psycho Wand, it would be very powerful. Too powerful. Possibly powerful enough to challenge the Great Light herself. "

" Could it truly be that powerful ? Surely the Great Light, having the power of creation, could deal with this thing ! " Zio replied, shocked at what Le Roof was implying.

" I am not so sure. The Great Light and the Profound Darkness are not governed by the same rules that apply to us when it comes to Magic. The power of creation, and likewise the power of destruction, are absolute powers. The only counter to them is each other.I've never seen the Great Light, or the Profound Darkness let loose their full powers, for such a release would tear the very fabric of reality itself. Thus I know not the extent of power these two absolute forces can wield."

Zio was about to respond to Le Roof, but he was momentarily shocked by the overwhelming power of magic resonating in the cavern. They were deep in the caves, many miles underground. Unbelievably, as they rounded a bend in a tunnel, They came to a majestic temple. Delicate pillars soared up into the dark roof of the cave. The feeling of magic was palpable, could be felt on ones skin. A light seemed to shimmer from inside the two huge golden doors of the temple square. Statues of winged beings, humanoid, carrying flaming swords and faces set in determination seemed to almost be alive. There were runes across the floor, on the pillars and the walls of the temple itself. The Runes glowed with an inner power. Le Roof De Rykros touched these runes, as if communing with them and the temple. His bearded face was creased in thought.

" I know not the language these runes are written in.They are runes of magic,maybe the original runes of magic used in ancient times. The Great Light knew these runes. One of them was inscribed on the hilt of Elsydeon. I recognized it, the rune of light, of holiness. Truly, for this place to bear this rune, whatever is kept in here is a pure power. Maybe one we can use. I can perceive the flow of fate, but whatever is here exists outside of fate, thus I do not know what to make of it... "

" You mean you don't know what we are doing here, whether were supposed to be here or not? We're going blind... " Zio replied apprehensively.

" Fate is a funny thing. Being a creature of fate, I can understand its flow, but only to a point. For every choice we make, the future changes. I can sense events that must happen, such as the awakening of the Great Light, and your own part in this quest, but individual things I cannot see. Right now, we are truly going blind."

A bright flash interrupts their conversation. As they turn towards the golden doors, where the flash originated, they are surprised to find that they are no longer there. In their place is a simple arch leading to the square of the temple. Standing at the arch was the Great Light herself. She wore the golden robe of her standing, bearing the sigil of Algo. Her blond hair cascaded down her back, framing the most beautiful face one could ever set eyes upon. Her eyes shown white luminescence.

" Greetings, Le Roof De Rykros and Lutz, guardian of my universe. If you are here, seeing this, then I am now asleep. I have known it would be so, and that you would awaken me. However, with my being asleep and the complete sealing of the Profound Darkness, we have unknowingly awakened a much larger, and more powerful evil then we could fight against. To guard against it's return into this universe, I have placed in here someone to await your coming, to awaken it from its own slumber. Truly, the times ahead shall be most difficult, especially for you, Lutz. Thus, I have sent this aid across time to you, my beloved son, so as to speed you in your journey to awaken me, and to protect you from the great evil, the evil that has no name. "

With that, the image of the Great Light disappeared. Zio looked around, still feeling the presence of immense magical power, but no longer sensing the presence of Le Roof. The archway where the doors had been beckoned him on. He seemed to be in the grip of something far beyond his reckoning, urging him on into the temple square, but he was reluctant to venture in without the comforting presence of the incarnation of fate. Gritting his teeth, he walked into the temple, under its roof. There was a ball of light floating in the middle of the square. Zio walked towards it, entranced by the overwhelming magical power it resonated, not noticing the entrance to the temple disappearing behind him. He seemed to be walking on nothing, and he realized dimly in the back of his mind that he was inside an interdimensional rift. Only the Great Light could have created this. The only light was the ball of magic inside the rift. Everything else was dark. Zio then saw that Le Roof truly hadn't seen the Great Light's true power, for she could shift into different dimensions, for the creation of an interdimensional rift would grant her the power to do so. But something scared her enough to give him this thing of magic, something that she was afraid she couldn't deal with.

Zio then noticed that green flames were trickling from the Psycho Wand to the ball of magic. Zio realized that the ball was a seal of some sort, and the Psycho Wand was undoing it, neutralizing it like it did to his Magic Barrier five centuries ago. The Frade mantle was alight, and thrusting the Psycho Wand forward, he directed more of the green fire, the inner force of the singular God's power to destroying the seal. The Psycho Wand blazed green as it's powers were brought to full bear, unraveling the seal. He felt his own power swell within him as he bonded with the Psycho Wand and the Frade Mantle, the power of the guardian of the universe, With a thundering crack, the seal was gone. Zio floated in mid air, the Frade Mantle glowing white, the Psycho Wand alight with green fire. His midnight black hair rippled in non existent wind, from the power he possessed.

Now unsealed, the sleeping being unfurled it's wings, itself floating in the air. It had six pairs of white wings, feathered like a doves. It was superbly muscled, although not bulkily so. It's hair was blond and long, to it's waist. It wore a simple loin cloth and sandals, and it wore a headband, holding in place a white gem in the precise center of its forehead. The winged being appeared to be male, and the magical power it radiated was astonishing. It gently floated to the ground along with Zio. The being glowed softly white in the darkness of the interdimensional rift.

" Who are you ? " Zio asked.

The winged entity looked at Zio, a smile on his face.

" What I am is open to debate. I was last called the Arch Angel Gabriel, but I believe Gabriel should be fine. And you are ? "

" My name is Zio. I am also Lutz of the sixth generation. What is an Arch Angel ? "

" That will take some explaining... "

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