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Part 5: Conclusions

A lot happened in the last part. Scinse I don't want to ruin it for you, I can only say, "Just read the dang thing!" I guess that's about it, so away we go!

[The scene opens about five minutes before The group jumps into battle. Zio and Rune are going at it like a pair of madmen. Ryin and Kyra are already out of it for now, so it's between the two of them.]

Zio: [in an evil tone] Oh, you should have seen her face when I hit her with the Black Wave. Oooh, it was to DIE for.

Rune: [getting angrier] You evil monster! How you ever came from me I'll never know. [thrusting his arms forward] Hewn!

Zio: [getting knocked back a few steps] Arrgh. That hurt. But not as bad as this is going to. [waving his arm at Rune] Corrosion!

Rune: [using a Trimate] Whew. You'll have to do better than that, my friend. Here, try this out. [crossing his arms, then uncrossing them toward Zio] Legeon!

Zio: [in disgust] Bah, these parlor tricks are nothing compared to my Magical Barrier! and Nightmare! [As he says each spell, he casts them. Just then, the others jump into the fray]

Kyra: [tossing the Psyco wand to Rune] Rune, Catch!

Rune: Thanks! {fires the wand at Zio, disolving the barrier] Oh, good. You brought my twins to help me out.

Zio: [Angrily] I thought I recognized you two! Well, cry no more for your dead mother, for you'll join her in a moment!

Chaz: [angrily] You murdering BASTARD!!! [Runs up to Zio and starts to slash at him. Zio and him are blocking eack others hits, and are fighting pretty evenly untill a pair of slashers fly by and slice Zio's right arm.]

Zio: [in pain] Argh.

Ryin: [yells from the side] Now, Chaz. Attack while he's off-guard.

Chaz: [with every fiber of his being] CROSSCUT! [He slices Zio's chest open, and Zio falls to his knees.]

Zio: [sputtering up blood] You haven't seen the last of me, Chaz Ashley. I'll be back.

Chaz: I don't think so. Oh, and tell Lashiec I said "Hi".

[The entire Group circles Zio and redies their most powerful action]




Kyra: Since I'm low on TP's, SLASHERS AWAY!


Chaz: MEGID!

Ryin: [after everyone else has fired off their attack on Zio, he lies on the ground in a bloddy mess. Ryin walks of=ver to him and props him up. Suprisingly, he is still alive, but just barely hanging on.] Zio, I want you to see this coming, but first, I want tell you something. I'mk going to kill you now with an attack I learned from my step-father, Dorin. The ironic thing is that if you hadn't ruined my family, I might never have learned this move, or have gotten strong enough to kill you. So, what I do now is for my mother, my lost childhood, and any other way you've screwed up my life. [Raising up her arm and slicing it down in one swift, fluid motion] MEGA-BROSE!!!

Zio: [His molecules start to disapate] I'll get my revenge on you, you stupid Bi..Eaaauugh! [Zio's whole bode shakes and disolves into a billion mollecules, which spread out over the countryside]

Chaz: We killed him, but how? I thought he couldent die unless Rune Died.

Rune: Wrong, he couldn't be destroyed unless I died. His power is still around, but it's good energy instead of evil.

[Suddenly, the Ghouls all around them start to glow a golden color, then revert to their human shape and revive.]

Man: [Groggily] Wha..What happened?

Rika: [Joyously] NEE! Everyone's coming back to life!

Kyra: Of course! It's like on my home world, remember? When the caster of the black Wave was destroyed, everyone who died from it came back to life!

Ryin: [to Chaz] You don't think...

Chaz: [excited] Quick, we've got to get to Krup! [Sreading his arms around the group] RYUKA! [The group is once again enveloped in a mist, but this time is teleported to Krup. Once there, they speed over to Alys's grave.] Damnit, does anyone have a shovel?

Rika: [Excitedly] I'll run and get one from Hahn's family!

Demi: I'm sensing a life force! I'M SENSING A LIFE FORCE BELOW THE GROUND!!!

[Chaz, Ryin and Rune all start to claw at the ground, trying to remove the earth to get to the coffin]

Ryin: Wait, I have an Idea. [Takes out a rod at raps the ground in a code. Suddenly, the ground rumbles and up comes her sand worm carring the coffin on it's back.] YES! Good Boy! You can have the rest of the month off for this!

[They run over to the coffin and fling open the lid. There, lying in the casket is Alys Brangwin. Suddenly, they se her chest move as she inhales some air]


Alys: [slowly, with extreme effort] Chaz? Is that you?

Chaz: [with tears in his eyes] Yes, and Ryin's here as well.

Alys: [opening her eyes] My daughter and my son, together at last! Oh, how I prayed this day would happen. Tell me, how long was I gone?

Chaz: Almost a year, Mom.

Alys: Oh, it's going to take some getting used to that. I can't tell you how happy I am to see you.

Kyra: I guess Zio was right. You did end up joining your mother. [All laugh as scene fades into the sun.]

end of part Five



[The scene opens at fort Valhal Fort. Alys is lying in a cot next to the table Rika and Chaz are sitting at. Rune and Dorin are standing over Alys, catering to her every whim. And Kyra and Ryin are sitting on the couch nearby holding hands and chatting. Daughter is no where to be seen, for some reason.]

Alys: [To Ryin] So, what is my hunter-daughter planning on doing now that she has a family again?

Ryin: Well, Kyra and I were going to join the Hunter's guild ang create some more stories for the Brangwin name.

Alys: [happily] Well, that's good. And what about my son and his wife? When can I plan on having grandkids to spoil?

Rika: [slyly] We-e-ell, now that you mention it. Chaz, I've got something to tell you...

Chaz: [shocked] You don't mean...

Rika: [nodding] Yup. Remember our wedding day? [Chaz faints dead on the floor in shock.] CHAZ!

Ryin: [sarcastically] Oh, boy. Here we go again!

[As the scene faades out, we hear every one but Chaz and Rika laugh hysterically. Rika is still trying to awaken Chaz, and Chaz is out cold. Fade to black. Roll credits]

Note: Well, that's it! Get ready, because next week starts "Worlds of Destiny", the continuing Bi-Weekly adventures of Kyra & Ryin. And don't worry, The rest of the gang will show up as well, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride, because we've only just begun!

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