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Part 4: Reunions

My, my, my! We learnt that Dorin and Alys had a little affair, Zio is the "waste" left over from the Lutz transfer into Rune, and we learned some new words for "Alys". Now, when we come in, we've just found out that the only way to kill Zio is to kill Rune as well. Can we say, "What the...?" Now, get ready, because this part will knock your blocks off, as well as bring the series near closing. Now, to quote a famous person, "Let's get Ready to Rumble!"

Act One
[As the view fades open, we see the interior of the Hovercraft just as we left it in the last part. The shot has moved, though, from in front of Ryin to a group shot. Daughter is fully suited in her BT-97 except for her helmet, which she holds in her hands. Kyra is sitting teary-eyed next to Ryin with her arm around Ryin's shoulder to give support and friendship. Chaz is sitting stunned, as if his world has collapsed all around him; which it has. Rika is standing next to Chaz with an arm around him, and is as teary-eyed as Kyra. Demi (Who Telepiped herself into the Hovercraft while the story was being told) is manning the controls now, and looks as dismayed as an android can. As the actions begin anew, Chaz speaks.]

Chaz: [Sarcastically] So, first I find out that my mentor is my mom, and that the one person in the whole universe I hate more than anything else is the throwback from my dad, who I don't like very much either! Then, I find out my mom had an affair with Grandfather Dorin and had to abandon me for around twelve years to save my life. AND NOW you tell me that her murderer, Zio, can only be destroyed if we kill my "dad". Have I got it all straight, Sis?

Ryin: [matter-of-factly] Yeah, that's about it.


Ryin: [very mad] STOP THE HOVERCRAFT!!! [everyone sits in shock]

Demi: [stammers out] We a-arivved two minutes a-ago...

Ryin: Good. Anyone who wants to help me, can. Otherwise, leave now so that you don't interfere with my chances of killing Zio and Rune. [With that, she opens the door and leaves the Hovercraft. All is quiet for a few seconds, then Kyra stands up.]

Kyra: [to Chaz] I'm sorry. I know we've been friends for a while, but it's just that for some reason I feel...Oh, I don't know what I feel. I just know that I've got to help Ryin out in any way I can. I'm sorry. [Runs out of the ship. We hear her call "Ryin, wait up!" Everyone else turns to Chaz and gives him a dirty look.]

Chaz: [still upset] What? I did what I thought was right, and that's that.

Rika: [gets up and slaps Chaz] That's for yelling at your sister! I can't believe I fell in love with you! You're overbearing, self-centered, annoying, and down-right rude! And to think I wanted to..to..Oh, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! [Runs to Demi, who catches her up in her arms]

Demi: [softly] There, there. He doesn't know what a jerk he can be.

Chaz: [apologetic] But, but...

Daugther: [to Chaz] Well, I didn't come all the way out here to just sit around and cry. I vote that you eat some crow and apolgize to Rika, and then to Ryin if we can find her.

Chaz: But I was only saying what I thought...

Daughter: That's where you messed up! You thought! Oooh, It makes me so mad how you men can be so bull-headed sometimes! That's how I ended up being stuck in a damn computer for Heaven knows how long, a man said he THOUGHT it was all right! [getting in his face] Chaz, if you don't go right over to Rika and apologize to her right now, you'll regret it for the rest of your life!

Chaz: [looks very sheepish now. He slowly goes over to Rika, who is still crying in Demi's arms, and taps her on her shoulder.] Rika, I'm..I'm sorry.

Rika: [sniffiling] Wha...

Chaz: [the scene swings up to show only the two of them, and everything else fades away into the backgroud] I...I guess that when I found out about my past, I kinda flipped. The real fact of the matter is that I'm a real jerk for treating you and Ryin like that. [gets a small box out of his right brest pocket] Here, take this and do with it what you will.

Rika: [suprised] What is... [opens box] Oooh! [shot shows a solid gold arm band in the box] Oh my god! A marriage Band!

Chaz: Yeah, I was going to ask you to be my lifelong companion before all this [waves arm outward] happened. But after what happened...

Rika: [joyously] Oh, Chaz! [swings her arms around his neck and gives him a kiss] Yes, yes, a thousand times over Yes! [Steps back and extends her arm to him] I'd be honored to be Mrs. Rika Ashley.

Chaz: [taking the band and slipping it on her arm] I, Chaz Ashley, do hereby proclaim my everlasting love for Rika by slipping this band upon her arm for all to view.

Rika: [with tears of joy in her eyes] I now proclaim myself Rika Ashley in accepting this band, and do accept Chaz Ashley as my lifetime companion as well. [They both fall into each others' arms and kiss passionently.]

Daughter: [to Demi] I think we'd better leave for an hour or two.

Demi: But why...Oh, yeah. Now I remember. The consumation of the marriage! Uh, yeah. Let's go outside. [Shot follows them outside as it fades to black.]

end of act one

Act Two
[The scene opens outside of the hovercraft. Demi is sitting on the ground, soaking up rays, while Daughter is practicing her lazer shots on various creatures around the area.]

Daughter: [upset] How long is it going to take? It seems like it's been about four or five hours!

Demi: Only 2.5 hours by my internal clock.

Daughter: Gosh. I sure wish my old boyfriend could perform like that!

Demi: Your old boyfriend?

Daughter: [in fond remembrance] Yeah, his name was Lutz, I believe. Oh god, was he a cute catch! I wonder what ever happened to him...

[All of a sudden, the door on the hovercraft opens and out steps Chaz. He somehow looks older, and there is a determined look on his face. He walks out of the Hovercraft, blinking at the sun for a moment, then steps up to Daughter and Demi.]

Chaz: [in a deeper range voice] Do you happen to know which way my sister and Kyra went?

Demi and Daughter: [together in shock] CHAZ?!?

Chaz: What?

Daughter: [kind of batting around the issue] Oh, nothing. [changing the issue quickly] Yeah, Demi slipped a tracking device on Ryin earlier, and has been monitoring it since. They seem to be stationary in the dead city.

Chaz: MILE? Why would they be there?

Daughter: Who knows? But we need to get out there pretty quick, ifthey're taking on Zio.

Chaz: Then we'll leave as soon as Rika gets out.[As if summoned by his call, Rika appears from the Hovercraft and drifts over to the group] Ah, Hello dear. [Rika nods gently and gives him a big hug and kiss while whispering something in his ear that causes him to blush] RIKA! There are people present!

Rika: [in a dreamy voice] Oh, but it'll be fun.

Chaz: Fun or not, we've got to head to Mile to help out Ryin and Kyra.

Rika: [snapping out of her daze] What?!?

Chaz: Yeah, I decided that I need to apologize to my sister as well, and what better way that to help her out on her quest?

Rika: Well then, we better get going then. I've got my guardian claws sharpened and ready.

Daughter: [slipping on her helmet] My wepons are at full power, so let's go kick some butt!

Demi: My Pulse rifle is also at full power, and my systems are at their peak.

Chaz: [taking out his sword] Well, it's not Elsydeon, but it will do. [Spies a Forced fly, so walks over to attack it. It spits at him, but he jumps aside and slices down on it.] Hyahh! [he cleaves the monster in two with one swipe, and fells himself grow more confident] Yep, still got it. Well, let's go.

[They all gather around Rika, who has whipped out a Telepipe. As she breacks it, she thinks of the city of Mile. The whole group is enveloped into a huge misty cloud, and disappears.]

End of Act Two.

Act Three
[The scene opens just outside of Mile. This time, we see it in the daylight, and can view just what kind of damage was wraught by the Black Wave. The entire area looks like a barren wasteland. The sounds of battle can be heard nearby.]

Chaz: Well, it looks like we're in the right place.

[Suddenly, four Ghouls jump up out of the ground a few feet in front of them.]

Rika: [frightened] Eeeek! Zombies!

Daughter: [holding everyone else back] These guys are mine. [steps up to the challenge] Let me show you an old trick my boyfriend taught me. [One of the Ghouls spits at her, ruining the finish on her BT-97] Wha...?!? That's it! DOUBLE BARREL GRA BLAST! [This fires a blast of electricity from both of her palms, frying the Ghouls to a crisp. As they scream and die, their cries bring about twenty more Ghouls from below ground.]

Demi: If I was human, I believe I would curse at this situation.

Rika: [starting to slash at one of the Ghouls] Less talk, more killing, Demi.

Chaz: [Airslashing a group of six Ghouls] Yeah, use your gun on these guys.

Demi: As you wish. [She starts firing at the Ghouls. When she hits one, they explode in a slimy mess. Some of an exploded Ghoul gets on Rika.]

Rika: [Disgusted] Eeeugh! Zombie guts!

Chaz: [laughing] Yeah, nobody ever said killing Zombies was a clean job. [chuckles]

Rika: Grrr. [Slices a Ghoul with a Double-Slash] Take...That...You..MONSTER!!!

Daughter: [firing away on the ghouls with her pulse cannons] Uh, guys. Have you noticed that no matter how many oif these Ghouls we kill, more replace them?

Chaz: [Res-ing himself] That doesn't matter, we've got to keep going untill their all dead AGAIN!

Demi: I believe my sensors have picked up their origin. If we blow that up, I believe that will end the onslaught of Ghouls we are now experiencing.

Daughter: [picking up a ghoul and throwing it into several others] Then do it! NAPALM! [This sets the whole pile of ghouls on fire]

Demi: [configuring controls on her gun] O. K., this should do it...[fires a blast into the ground a few yards away. We hear a loud rumbling, then all of a sudden tha Ghouls all drop dead.] YES!!! POWER TO ALL PS OTAKUS!

Daughter: "PS Otakus"?

Demi: [in a mattewr of fact voice] Oh, that's an old battle cry the Parnesian Soldiers from the town of Otakus used to yell. I guess it just kinda slipped out

Chaz: [smiling] I like it. Short, sweet, concise and to the point. Well, let's get over to where that battle was happening.

[They head over to where they origanally heard the sounds of battle, and are shocked by what they see. Rune and Zio are in an intense power struggle in the middle of a field. Ryin is lying on the ground, and Kyra is trying her best to hear her.]

Rika: [Running over to Kyra] What happened?

Kyra: [with tears in her eyes] Oh, thank god you've arrived! I need some Sun Dew quick! Ryin and I were fighting Zio, but she got hit pretty bad with a Corrosion, and my TP's are too low to hear her!

Rika: [Whipping out the vial of perfume] I have one bottle left, let's hope it works. [Rika opens the vial and pours its contents onto the fallen Ryin. Her body glows with a bright yellowish tint, and she jumps up fully refreshed]

Ryin: [to Rika] You came! Is Chaz with you?

Chaz: [from behind Ryin] Look for yourself.

Ryin: [turns around and sees the whole group] Chaz! Demi! Daughter! You all decided to come and help us!

Chaz: [a little ashamedly] Yeah, and I wanted to apologize for what I said.

Ryin: [in a forgiving tone] Yeah, yeah. Now's not the time for that. We've got to help Rune!

Chaz: [in a commanding tone] All right then. Rika, will you please Nares us?

Rika: [raising her arms] NARES! [everyone gets stronger]

Chaz: That being done, let's GO!!! [screen freezes as they charge into the fray.]

end of act three.

Well, you all are probably screaming "WHAT? ANOTHER DAMN CLIFFHANGER?" Well, not so. Along with Part Four, I'm (hopefully) E-Mailing Maxx The Final Part, "Conclusions" with this one. So, click the back button, and read Part Five for a nice ending to it all. Peace out, and Have Fun!---U. S. Otaku

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