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Part 2: Revelations

When we last left Rika and Chaz, Rika, Chaz, Demi, and Kyra had congrigated at Valhal Fort to see the unvailing of Daughter's return to her human form. But, just as they were celebrating, Ryin burst thro the floor on her sand worm and shocked the group not only by telling them that Zio was alive and well and coming after them, but also by informing Chaz that they were twins and that Alys was their mother. This shocked Chaz so much that he fainted. As we begin, Chaz is just coming to.

[The scene opens in a dimly lit room. Chaz is on the bed under the covers, and Rika is sitting on the edge of the bed gently swabing his forehead with a damp cloth. Just then, he begins to stir, and Rika breathes in with great expectation.]

Chaz: [Still a little out of it] Oh-h-h-h. What happened?

Rika: [In a soothing tone] Ah, there, there. You still need your rest, Chaz. How do you feel?

Chaz: [In a sarcastic tone] Like someone who just found out that not only is their best friend their mom, but also that they have a twin sister.

Ryin: [from the shadows] Don't forget that our mother's killer is coming here to finish the job he started on our family.

[Ryin steps out of the shadows and into the main room. She is still a little worse for wear, but still carries herself with the utmost respect. At the sight of her, Chaz and Rika both jump about ten feet in the air, and come down with a resounding "THUMP"]

Rika and Chaz: [in unisin] Ryin!!!

Ryin: [indignant] What, do you think I'd let YOU attend to my brother alone.

Rika: [a little mad] And what, exactally, does THAT imply, might I ask?

Ryin: [matter-of-factly] Oh, nothing. It's just that someone with all this fancy-shmancy equipment should have heard about Zio long before now UNLESS they were in league with him...

Rika: [very pissed off] Of all the ungrateful...

Ryin: [in Rika's face] Why, I bet you're even his Wh...

Chaz: [jumping between them and butting into the conversation] HEY!!! Let's all just cool down here and re-examine the situation for a moment, if we can.

Ryin: [In a suspicious tone] Hmph. Seems to me I've already summed it up pretty well. This NUMAN has joined up with Zio and is planning to take over the planet with him. Think about it, Chaz. Who, other than her, has complete access to all the spots on Parna?

Daughter: [entering the room & turning up the lights as she does] I do, [she enters, & the rest of the group follows suit] and so does Demi when she's up on Zelan or Kuran!

Demi: [proudly] That's right, so stop accusing our dear Rika of such things!

Ryin: [in a solemn tone] I'm sorry. It's just that with the life I've led, you just can't take any chances. I'm sorry, Rika.

Rika: [still a little flustered] Well, I guess I forgive you, though I'd like to know just what You're doing here, and for that matter where you even came from.

Kyra: And tell us that cool trick of how you are able to use that sand worm!

All : [Make general agreeing sounds and nod head accordingly]

Ryin: [In an agreeable tone] Fair enough, but on one condition. I tell my story on the way.

Chaz: [a little bewildered] On the way to what?

Ryin: Why, to my home to pick up an old friend, then on to kill Zio once and for all.

Chaz: Well, I want to end this, plus I'd like to find out about our "Mutual" histories, so I'll go. Anyone else.

Kyra: I'll go too! I need to see this abomination for myself, and help Lutz's children destroy it.

Chaz: So, you've finally accepted that Rune is Lutz, eh?

Kyra: I always have ever since I found out about the "change" that takes place.

Chaz: Ah. Alright then, anyone else?

Daughter: I believe I can be of assistance, young Chaz.

Chaz: [bewildered] You?!?

Daughter: Yes, before I became "computerized", I was quite the fighter. I had to be, we were in the middle of a war, and it wasn't very safe for a pretty thing like me. [Mischevious tone] Plus, I'd like to be around when Rika asks Chaz...

Rika: [In an irritated tone] NIX!!!

Daughter: Alright, alright. I'll keep quiet. But I would like to know who will watch Valhal Forty while we're gone.

Demi: Well, I think that I'll sit this adventure out, but I'll send some robots ahead as scouts for you.

Rika: Thanks, Demi! That means I can go, too. Nee!

Chaz: [In an athorative tone] Well, let's go! [They all cheer exuberently, and run out the door. We see shots of Them preparing to leave, and then we see Daughter carrying a box aboard the Hovercraft just as they're about to leave. Rika comes over with a puzzled look on her face.]

Rika: [In a questioning tone] What's that?

Daughter: [In a matter-of-fact way] Oh, It's just a BT-97.

Rika: [In a shocked Tone] Just a BT-97?!? ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? [Chaz comes over]

Chaz: [Inturupting Rika's Shocked face act] Uh, Rika, what IS a BT-97?

Rika: [Totally blown away] You Don't know?

Daughter: [calmly] Let me feild this one, Rika. [Rika fumes] MY BT-97 was a limited edition Battle Tech Suit. This will help us to "even the odds", one might say.

Chaz: [a little worried] Well, is it safe?

Rika: [Blowing up again] Is it safe? IS IT SAFE?!?

Daughter: [jumping in] Don't worry. I, unlike the stupid idiots who used them before me, know how to use it.

Chaz: [relieved] Fair enough, but it's your fault if anything happens because of that suit.

[Ryin comes out of the fort, pets her sandworm goodbye, and goes inside the Hovercraft with Kyra following close behind. Ryin's sand worm waggles it's tail, then vanishes beneath the soil. All watch, amazed, then they board the Hovercraft and close the door. As the scene ends, we see Demi standing in the doorway of Valhal fort waving as the Hovercraft warms up, then shoots out of sight.


NOTE: I apologize for the short chapter. I did it this way so that the next Part can be dedicated entirely to Ryin. Peace `till next part---U. S. Otaku

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