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Part 1: Beginnings


[The scene opens with a panoramic view of Motavia from above. Slowly, the view is brought in closer and closer to the planet's surface. Finally, it breaks thro the clouds and swarms over Aiedo. Suddenly, the view shoots forward, swimming thro the city of Aiedo until it comes to a stop just in front of Chaz Ashley's house. Then, we see a metal hand reach up and knock on the door. After waiting for a few seconds, the view zooms back a little before flying in thro the open window. As it makes it's way up the hall, we see that the house is almost totally barren. Suddenly, something catches the camera's eye. We see the metal hand again reaching down to pick it up, and we discover that it is a women's brassiere. The camera view turns red, and it bursts thro Chaz's bedroom's doorway. We see Chaz sprawled out in bed, snoring away and all covered with dirt. ]

Rika's voice: [Gently at first] Cha-a-az. [She waits for a second, then screams at full volume.] CHAZ ASHLEY!!! GET UP NOW!!!

[Chaz shoots up into the air, and on the way down we see a landmine that has been reconfigured with two robotic arms and a two-way view screen. On the view screen, we see Rika's angry face.]

Chaz: [As he lands] Rika-umph. Ow! [rubbing bottom] that hurt. Why are you so pissed?

Rika: [Lifting up the brassiere and tossing it at him] Just **who** do these belong to, hmmm?

Chaz: [looks at it for a second thinking, then a troubled look comes over his face] Where did you find these?

Rika: [With confidence in her voice] In the hall, why?

Chaz: [with a broken voice...] This was Alys's. It must have fallen out of the cabinet when I was moving it out.

Rika: [With true concern.] Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. [She flies over and pats him on the back.] So, you finally decided to do it, eh?

Chaz: [With a sigh] Yeah, it had to be done eventually. And since you and Daughter have all but eliminated the monsters all around the towns, I had more than enough time to clean out Alys's stuff and donate it to the Motavia Academy. Mabye someone there can use it.

Rika: [with a worried look] You didn't give them her slashers, did you?

Chaz: Yeah, why?

Rika: [Flying around the room] Oh, don't mind me. I'm just being paranoid. Hey, can you make it by Valhal Fort tomorrow? Daughter and I have something to show you that you might be interested in.

Chaz: [With a glint in his eye] Alright, but you'll have to make dinner.

Rika: [Smiling triumphantly] Deal.

[Rika's Land Mine flies off, leaving Chaz alone. As it leaves, the scene suddenly switches to Rika in person. She is sitting at the terminal, watching the Land Mine fly up into the air. Suddenly, she switches the viewer off and whirls around in the chair. She gets up and stretches, getting all the cricks out.]

Rika: [With a tired look in her eyes] **groan** Oh, I can't believe I've been working for seventeen hours straight! [Falling down onto her bed] Oh, all I want to do know is sleep.

Daughter: [Her soft, soothing voice echoing throughout the room] Ah, Rika. I know what you mean. But cheer up! I have some good news, Demi and Kyra are coming to Motavia tomorrow.

Rika: [Sitting up in bed] Tomorrow? But why?

Daughter: For the same reason that Chaz is, the unveiling.

Rika: [Curling up under the blankets] O.K., that explains Demi, but Kyra?

Daughter: [Dimming the lights] Well, something might go wrong with the process, so we must have her here just in case.

Rika: [Tiredly] Oh, that's good. **yawn** I'm tired, can you send Wren the reconecence he wanted on how the planet was doing now that we've taken over all the aspects of Motavia's ecology.

Daughter: Yes, yes. I've already taken care of it. Now get some sleep. You're not a computer like me, you know.

Rika:[with a tired smile and a yawn in her voice] Not for long, daughter. After tomorrow...[She starts, but falls asleep]

Daughter: [Turns off the lights and speaker system. Then, we hear her as if she is lost in thought, and doesn't care who listens.] Oh, that Rika. I owe her so much already, and now she goes and does this for me. **sigh** She's right. After tomorrow, I'll be changed forever. But, what if it doesn't work? Oh, well. I'll still be O.K. But Rika? She'll be heartbroken. But listen to me, doubting my dear little Rika. I should be ashamed of myself. But, I'll leave all that for tomorrow. For now, I've got work to do...


[The scene fades out to black, then switches to the basement of the Academy. We see a feminine figure walk up to a crate of boxes and scrutinize them carefully. Then, after selecting her target, she picks it up and scurries up the steps and out of the Academy all together.]

[Once outside the city, she draws out a pole and thrusts it to the ground the times in rapid succession. Suddenly, the sand in front of her shifts and up comes an adolescent sand worm wearing a saddle and bridle both engraved with one word: Brangwin. She rapidly secures her treasure to her pet, then swings up onto the saddle. She kicks her heels against its sides, and vanishes in a flurry of sand.]

[The scene follows her along the desert night, riding her Sand worm against the silhouette of the rising moon. Soon, they come to what used to be Mile, before the 'Great Wave' killed off everyone in town. Even now, two years later, not even the monsters would come near this place. It reeked of death, and that suited her just fine. She halts the worm in front of what used to be the Inn, and dismounts. The worm looks up at her with its one eye as if she was its mother. She removes the crate from the worms side, then nods gently. The worm squeals with glee and shoots deep within the earth to join its brethren in the sand. The female, now satisfied that her pet is well beneath the earth, unlocks the door and walks in.]

[The view switches to the inside of the Inn. It is dark until she strikes a match and lights the three lanterns in the room. She picks up the parcel and places it on the table and precedes to pry the box open. After trying unsuccessfully with her bare hands, she tries a crowbar, then a axe, then finally some dynamite. Of course, they all fail. So, she raises her hand in the air and screams the word "CRASH" as she swings down her arm in one fluid motion thro the box. Suddenly, the wood vibrates and disintegrates away, leaving only the contents of the box behind.]

[The contents look like a bundle of carefully folded clothes at first glance. The mysterious person then removes her hood and cloak, but we are still unable to see her face. Underneath of the cloak, though, she is just wearing a dusty white shirt and a size-too-small skirt. She picks up the bundle of clothes and one of the lamps, and retreats to the bathroom. After entering the bathroom, we have the shower scene. Unlike other Anime shower scenes, in this one, she showers as if she is preparing for a major religious ritual or something of that order.]

[The scene fast-forwards to when she's drying off in her bedroom. After finishing. she walks over to the Clothes and starts to put them on. We see her slip into the pants and undershirt, then into the boots. Finally, she slips on her Jacket, and we see the one arm at a time shot. Finally, we see the finished product: a young girl who looks surprisingly like Alys, but with blue hair instead.]

Mystery Girl: [In an almost solemn voice.] Spirit of my mother, I ask you to bless me on this mission I now undertake. [Taking up the two blades.] Bless these slashers, which once were yours, and give them unto me, your daughter Ryin Brangwin. In your memory I pray, Amen. [With that she places the blades in their carrying pouches and turns off the lamps. Outside, she jumps aboard the Sand worm that is already waiting for her and rides toward the north.]


[The screen comes back into view as if someone is opening up their eyes. At first, it's all cloudy, but it eventually clears up some. We see the inside of a space ship, and Demi is at the controls fiddling with the dials. Suddenly, she whips around and smiles gently]

Demi: Oh, You've finally awoke! That's good, because we're almost to Motivia!

Kyra: [Still a little tiredly] Could you try not to yell? This thing echoes.

Demi: [A little indignant] Well, I'm sorry. I just was excited with what was going to happen today, that's all.

Kyra: [apologetic] I know, but it still is a little bothersome, that's all. Truce?

Demi: Truce. [And they smile energetically at one another as they make their decent to the planet.]

[We watch as the Landale gently lands on Motivia just in front of Valhal Fort. The scene shifts to them getting out of thee Landale just as Chaz pulls up in the Hovercraft. They all exchange greetings and fond remembrance, then enter the fort.]

[Inside the fort, we are suprised by homely Rika and Daughter have made the fort look. All around the fort are robots cleaning this or that, and we see Girl stuff all up and down the halls. as they walk to the main area, Demi and Kyra talk amongst themselves.]

Kyra: [In a hushed voice] I still don't understand, how did Rika and Daughter meet?

Demi: [suprised] You don't know? Well, Rika felt sorry for Daughter having to be shut down by Wren, so after we all left, she came out here and turned Daughter back on. And of course they hit it off from the start. With Daughter's help, Rika reprogrammed the robots here to watch over the towns and keep them monster-free. At first, this upset the Hunter Guild, but then they saw the benefits of it. Now they would no longer be called out for every little thing that happened, and they could concentrate on the biggies, like sand worm herds and such. Of course, all of this soon came to wren's attention and he came down to put an end to it. {show stills of next few scenes.} His original intention was to destroy Daughter once and for all, thinking she was up to her old tricks. But Rika and Daughter pleaded with him, begging for Wren to spare Daughter. He consented, but on one condition: Rika and Daughter had to take over operations here on Motivia. {end stills}]

Rika: [cheerfully] And so we have to this day.

Demi, Kyra, and Chaz: RIKA! [They get together and share greetings, then Chaz gets to the point.]

Chaz: So, why are we here? What's this so called 'unveiling' all about?

Rika: Well, I'll let Daughter tell you herself. Daughter?

[They all gasp suddenly, for out of the shadows comes what looks like a sixteen year-old girl dressed in a scientist's clothes. They all stare dumbfoundedly at her.]

Daughter: I suppose you'd like an explanation, right? [they all nod] Well, this was my original body, but by a freak accident, My mind was transferred into the machine. So, in hopes that the process could someday be reversed, My body was frozen. Luckily, we were able to do it, Rika and I.

Chaz: So, does this mean we're out of a super-computer?

Rika: Chaz!

Daughter [chuckling] Well, yes and no. You see, I can log in and out whenever I want to, so we can always use its database.

[Everyone ohs and ahs, then comes over to make small talk with Daughter. Suddenly, there's a rumbling from below ground, and then the ground bursts from below and out of the hole comes Ryin on her Sand worm. She jumps down from her worm and runs over to Chaz, who is just getting up.]

Ryin: {In an athorative tone] Chaz Ashley, you must help me defeat Zio!

Chaz: [A little bewildered] A-Wha... Lady, I think you're off by a few years. We killed Zio about a month before the great wave.

Ryin: No, you're mistaken. He lives, AND he's coming for YOU!

Chaz: [disbelieving] And how do you know this?

Ryin: Because, Chaz. He's already killed my mother, Alys, and now he's coming for her children.

Chaz: [In Shock] You're Alys' Daughter!?!

Ryin: I'm surprised. Didn't she tell you that you had A TWIN.

Chaz: [Chaz turns pale withe shock, and barely stumbles out the words] Who told you this?

Ryin: Why our father, Rune. Why, didn't you know? [Chaz wobbles a little bit, then collapses on the floor.]

Rika: [With a great fear in her voice.] CHAZ! Someone, get some water, we've got to help Chaz!


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