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Submission Guidelines

Interested in having some of your PS fan fiction appear at these pages? Well, here's the good news: I accept work from all types of authors of all ages of all levels of experience! However, there are some general guidelines, as well as some things to keep in mind:

1) Check your work for grammar and spelling errors before you send it

I often don't catch simple mistakes that most word processors can.

2) Be sure not to promise more than you can deliver

You've just had a terrific idea: you're going to write a mega-sized novel about life in Algo. But you run out of steam after the first few chapters, and never finish it. Often other commitments keep you from continuing the story. It happens. So, be careful not to pledge something beyond your ability (which leads to number three..)

3) Be dedicated

I am currently only accepting finished stories... that is, if you have written a few chapters, write the rest before submitting it. This will help to test yourself... are you really ready to write the whole story? If not, take a bit of time and maybe you'll come back to it fresh and able.

4) Read the other fanfics here, if you need to

Look to the other authors' work for inspiration... but don't take their ideas!

5) Be careful with language and behavior

Remember that many visitors to this site are of the younger crowd, so exercise caution here.

6) Stay calm about the posting schedule

Often times, I don't get a chance to post a story right away, so don't be surprised if it takes several days. If it's been more than a week, drop me a subtle reminder through email.

7) Put in the proper HTML tags yourself

This isn't as complicated as it sounds... in fact it's very easy. Just put <p> at the beginning of every paragraph, and </p>at the end of every paragraph. That's it!

Now, to brighten things up a bit...

A) Be creative!

Most of us have played at least one PS game... so give us something we've never seen before!

B) Tell your own story!

Each of us has tons of ideas, so let's hear yours!

C) Have fun!

If you don't enjoy writing your story, then most likely no one will have fun reading it!

D) Visit the Discussion Board!

Many of the people there are writing fanfics, and would like to hear from you!

Now that we've gotten through all that, just how exactly do you send in a story?!? The best (and basically only) way to get it to me is through email. You can attach the story document to an email message, or you can make the story the message itself. Also, send it as a text-only file, not as a Microsoft Word file or some other word processor format. It'll be turned into text later anyway, so just save some time by saving it and sending it as pure text. If you need to send multiple chapters at once, you can send them as a zip file if you'd like.

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