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Phantasy Star Zero


This is a work of fan fiction based upon Phantasy Star Ultimate by James Maxlow and Michael Ripplinger. Phantasy Star Ultimate itself is a beautiful, logical and very well-written expansion upon the worlds and characters of the classic Phantasy Star RPGs.

This piece of work, and PS Ultimate, assume the reader has completed most if not all four of the wonderful original Phantasy Star RPGs. Obviously, there are spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Mr. Maxlow and Mr. Ripplinger also developed a cohesive timeline to tie the various games together, and created believable and realistic solutions to several inconsistencies between the games. Inspired by their works, I have worked diligently to create a work of fan fiction situated in the Phantasy Star Ultimate universe that answers a major question I couldn’t quite answer ever since beating PS2:

Why do humans even exist in the Algo Solar System? In PS2 it was established Earthlings were enemies; however Earthlings are human (last time I checked) and throughout the Phantasy Star series, the characters and NPCs that look like humans refer to themselves as humans. Either (a) humans were created by the Great Light (which is a cop-out in my opinion), or (b) somehow colonized Algo from Earth, long before the corrupted ship Noah appeared. The first appears the most probable, until you consider there are at least FOUR races in the Algo star system (not including the beings of Rykros, of course), and in PS4 it was established there were only THREE created by the Great Light...

Therefore I wrote this piece of fan fiction to explain how humans arrived at Algo, and colonized Palma, later becoming Palmans themselves. Their trials and tribulations took eleven chapters, 21,000+ words, a prologue and an epilogue, plus many hours of my time to create. The events depicted in my work lead up to PS1, resulting in my decision to call the fiction “Phantasy Star Zero.”

If you are a fan of the original Phantasy Star RPG’s and familiar with Phantasy Star Ultimate, I hope you enjoy this. It doesn’t contain nearly as much action as Maxlow’s or Ripplinger’s various works, but there are some nice combat sequences in chapters 5, 7, 9, and 10.

WARNING: There is no sexual or really explicit language (it's been bleeped out) but there is some very descriptive violence.

P.S. According to the transcript of the PS1 manual, Algo is located in the Andromeda Galaxy, and I also used this as a reference.

Let me know what you think! Critiques? Comments? I would LOVE to hear all, good or bad.

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