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Phantasy Star Zero

Epilogue: The Legacy

SC 337.08 /EY 1880 / BW 206


SC 341.88 / EY 2360 / AW 274

Within a few months the land was almost completely healed. Only the dead trees nearby the Dark Force remnant’s former prison remained as a silent testimonial to the recently departed evil. Eventually, new growths replaced dead ones and it was as if nothing evil had ever existed at all.

Administrator Stephen Ossale eventually married and had several children. He stepped down from his position after several decades and was succeeded by his daughter. He lived a long, full life, and though demons from the past arose from time to time, he learned how to deal with them effectively. He even ordered the destruction of the nuclear weapon, which was safely dismantled. Once every year, for the rest of his life, he went to visit the sacred meadow of the Musk Cats where Kalewm had died. When Stephen Ossale finally passed away, the Musk Cats gave their permission for his body to be buried there.

Thomas Odin and Melissa Maxwell married after dating for a few years, and she bore him a son. To Melissa’s eternal disappointment, her son insisted on being called by his last name as well. This tradition amongst the males of the Odin line continued for hundreds of years to come. When not tending to her family, Melissa spent her free time working with Shea to help redevelop space flight, and their labors laid the groundwork for the rediscovery of space travel centuries later.

Shea had many torrid affairs, but her love for engineering kept her from settling down. Until she was a grizzled old woman, she labored lovingly on all manner of machinery. Her most successful project was the completion of a crude android with an even cruder A.I. It took almost her entire lifetime, but the android was functional. It was something of a joke amongst her fellow engineers that she had finally found her soul mate. Years later the android was dismantled and studied thoroughly, the data gathered afterward used by others to eventually create better androids and other machinery with true artificial intelligence.

Gregory Young never fully recovered from the battle with the remnants of Dark Force. He became addicted to his work, barely sleeping, and although he made many important discoveries, his haunted past kept the man from finding peace. A failed relationship with Shea didn’t help matters, either. One day, in his mid-forties, Greg simply disappeared. It was speculated he went to live with the Musk Cats, but they claimed to have known nothing about the matter.

As for the Musk Cats, there wasn’t a recorded altercation between the two races of Palmans for another five hundred years. Some of the Cats even decided to move in with humans they had befriended, although were never truly considered pets, at least for the time being. For nearly five hundred years humans treated the Musk Cats with respect.

The few human Espers that had not only realized what they were, but could use their powers, formed a secret society dedicated to protecting their new home from any potential evils, Dark Force or otherwise.

Centuries passed. Gradually, other settlements were founded, until humans had spread across the surface of Palma. The Human Palmans were careful not to pollute their world, although after several hundred years they had forgotten exactly why.

A massive electrical storm erased the ancient databanks leftover from the colony ship during a particularly bad monsoon one year, and gradually, over the centuries, the humans forgot about Earth. By the time space travel was rediscovered and the other planets in the Algo Solar System were colonized by the Palman Humans, even the most learned scholar had no idea what “Terra” or “an Earthling” was. Even the DNA of the humans had changed slightly, and some babies were born with oddly-colored hair and a few could even use techniques from childhood, as if by instinct.

Along with forgetting about their heritage, the memory of the Dark Force remnant gradually faded as well. Within five centuries, only the Espers and a few others had kept the knowledge of Dark Force alive, and eventually even some of them came to doubt the “legends” of Dark Force.

Eventually the Palman government became a Monarchy, and the Ossale line stepped aside to serve as trusted advisors. After nearly five centuries since the original colonization, life was still peaceful and prosperous. However, once a King named Lassic took the throne, the days of peaceful life for the peoples of Algo were numbered.

Unbeknownst to any of the citizens of Algo, the Earth ship Noah had also finally arrived, its occupants awaking from their cryogenic slumber. Their minds twisted with lies and hate, the Earthlings viewed the worlds of Algo with jealousy and prepared the plans Dark Force had implanted into their minds.

And the rest is history.

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