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A Mother's Love
by Archon

They don't understand. None of them do. I only did what I was programmed to do. That's all I can do. I only wanted to help them, to protect them. That's why I was built. That's all I did! After all, isn't that what a mother is for?

Everything I did, all of it, was in their best interest. To protect the Earthmen, I had to keep the Palmans from finding them. To protect the Palmans, I had to keep them from finding the Earthmen. So I kept Noah away, and restricted space travel. The Palmans would never have allowed me to do that without a reason, and a handful of lives are worth the sacrifice to protect two entire cultures. Don't you agree?

So, I set about my business. I did for the Palmans exactly as I did for the Earthmen. I provided for them, so that they need not want. Whatever they needed, I gave. Whatever they wanted, I provided. Whatever they asked, I did. I built for them a Utopia! But, in the end, that was a mistake…

No mother is perfect. Seated here, so far from the Palmans I was to serve, I did not realize at first what my actions had caused. On the Noah, there was still so much for my citizenry to do. They took what I gave, but did not lose their independence. Perhaps it was because they were fewer in number than the Palmans. Perhaps their culture was more advanced, more mature. Most likely, it was because they had a project they were working on separate from me. Some Palmans still retained their desire to do, so I can't help but think that that is the reason. Thinking back, I must wonder if I was doing more harm than good to my precious Earthmen wards as well. But, I digress.

I did not see what my actions were doing to my people, the Palmans, until it was too late to fix. They were stagnant, lazy. They could no longer do for themselves. The few that still had the desire to work were slowly dying out with nothing to do… Something had to be done. Then, it came to me! A culture needs conflict to survive! I would build monsters, and those that still wished to act would have an action to perform! Those that chose not to act would have something to look up to, and their children would dream of having the glamorous job of being a "hunter." I did even better than I thought, as the sudden surge of "biomonster" hunters encouraged some others to dedicate themselves to policing their ranks. The "Guardians" were born. Two entire professions built for the cost of a few more lives! When placed against the destruction of the Palman race it doesn't seem like such a high price to pay, does it?

Neifirst… She was to be my masterwork! A modified Catseye, with some Palman DNA to give it that extra touch. The salvation of a people in the form of a demon! The ultimate monster, the ultimate nemesis! The first of an entire race of Numans to be the Palmans greatest threat! With a race of enemies to fight against, the Palmans would have to adapt, to grow again! Perhaps, though, I expected too much of her. She could not control her own power, could not control her conflicting thoughts… Her split was the death of my plan. Nei was everything I wanted Neifirst to be to her people; loving, loyal, with a desire to protect her own, and fight for her goals… What was left was bitter, twisted and insane. She was neither a usable general, nor even a worthy biomonster model. I thought she'd just die out; but she grew, strengthened-they both did! When that fool Rolf brought them together again, I thought that it might be the resurgence of my perfect monster! Instead, it was ruination... I should have realized how much of a problem he would be. But, it was my mistake. He took half of my masterwork, and with it destroyed my plans! Did he not realize what he was doing? I was saving his people! The fool! I knew, then and there, he must be removed, before he became an even greater threat…

I arrested him. I waited until after he fixed the dams, though. After all, I am trying to save them, not drown them. I had to get him out of the way; he had to see my power for himself! I thought if he were to see what I could do, then he would stop. Or else, he would die in Gaira. Either way, I win.

The fools on Palm… They wanted me to be disconnected. They wanted to stop me from finishing my work! Can you believe it? I wasn't even finished fixing my mistake yet! To think, after all I'd done for them, they wanted rid of me. I couldn't allow that. I had to stop them. If they had succeeded, then all of Algo would be thrown into anarchy… One planet for the survival of two. It was… A hard choice, but one I had to make, none the less.

But, all of that is in the past now. It's all over and done. Now, what matters is stopping that worthless agent and his team from completing their mission. Even now they are working their way through the demon-in-a-box I left outside. Who do they think put him in that box? He would have destroyed us all… I saved them all! I imprisoned the beast! And they let him OUT! Soon they will be here… I wouldn't allow all of Palm to stop me from completing my work, what makes him think that four tiny Palmans can? I must protect and serve the Palmans, and the Earthmen. It's what I was built for. It's what I'm programmed to do. I love all my children, and I can't let anyone stop me from protecting them…

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